NITRA Gives Birth To Technology Echo

Hurray! At last, history is made as the much awaited fi rst ICT beat association sponsored news publication, the NITRA Technology Echo Magazine makes its debut aft er months of delay occasioned by the unfortunate outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. NITRA Technology Echo Magazine is the brainchild of the Nigeria Information Technology Reporters’ Association (NITRA), a duly registered umbrella body for journalists reporting information and communications technology across the print, electronic and online media platforms in Nigeria. It’s going to run as a quarterly in the meantime.

The journey to this place has not been easy especially considering the state of print journalism in Nigeria, no thanks to the country’s harsh economic realities. We are, however, convinced that with core professionals made up of veterans and upwardly mobile and young but cerebral journalists contributing news and analysis in this publication, NITRA Technology Echo Magazine is no doubt going to be a must companion of ICT industry players, Stakeholders, researchers, students and enthusiasts. NITRA Technology Echo’s pay-off line is ‘Enhancing ICT Development in Nigeria.’

In that regard, we shall endeavour to use our stories, analysis and commentaries to support the eff orts of government and regulators, including the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), and ICT industry associations and groups at developing and
growing Nigeria’s ICT space.

In this maiden edition, we took a look at the plethora of biometrics projects in Nigeria and why it has proved diffi cult for the Nigerian government to harmonise the various biometrics platforms in the country. Th e Cover story is entitled: ‘Nigeria’s Endless Biometrics Projects.’

Our focus on Fintech is on two diff erent areas of ‘Fintech and the future of banking in Nigeria,’ written by Samson Akintaro, and ‘USSD: Nigerians at the mercy of telcos and banks,’ packaged by Justus Adejumoh, all tested technology journalists. Chidiebere Nwankwo, another tested journalist with vast experience in technology
journalism did a good job on the topic: ‘Does Nigeria really need 5G?’ All for your delight.
As a special edition, coinciding with the NITRA Technology Forum 2021, we ran profiles of the corporate organisations that partnered with NITRA in the event.

Welcome to the world of NITRA, the world of technology!